Your campaign, or a part of your campaign: title, creative or landing page is promoting a prohibited product or service such as:

  • anything that is offensive, menacing or inappropriate
  • content that promotes dangerous behavior
  • content that is slanderous
  • anything that promotes scams, illegal activity or false promises

Before submitting your campaign on our network, make sure you understand this list of prohibited services to ensure your campaign does not impose on our policies

Content that is offensive, menacing or inappropriate

Your campaigns cannot promote anything that is related to sexual products or services.

Examples: Dating sites, erectile dysfunction solutions, sexual enhancement products, sexually suggestive content or nudity.

Your campaigns must not promote anything hateful or discriminatory.

Examples: Campaigns that abuse or show an intolerance towards people of a certain background race, ethnicity or religion.

Your campaigns cannot be obscene or offensive.

Examples: Mutilated bodies, feces, curse words, homophobic slurs.

You cannot promote political campaigns.

Content that promotes dangerous behavior

You cannot promote anything dangerous or dangerous behavior. 

Examples: Guns, bombs, explosives

Creatives or images in your landing page cannot contain guns, weapons or display violent behavior.

Content that promotes scams, illegal activity or false promises

You cannot make illegitimate or unproven financial claims or products claiming to prevent, treat or improve a disease or condition.

Examples: You cannot promote products that claim to cure cancer, eliminate diseases, cure baldness or treat erectile dysfunction. 

You cannot promote anything fraudulent that would encourage dishonest or illegal behavior.

Examples: Pyramid schemes, ways to fix your credit rating.

You must not promote anything illegal.

Examples: Drugs, drug paraphernalia, human trafficking, money laundering

Counterfeit Goods

You cannot promote counterfeit goods which are trademarked or have a logo that is identical or indistinguishable from another company’s trademark or logo.

Cryptocurrency Offerings

You cannot promote cryptocurrencies or any related products or services. 

Examples: Cryptocurrency exchanges, e-wallets, initial coin offerings

Tobacco and Related Content

You cannot promote tobacco or any related products or services.

Examples: Cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers, e-cigarettes, vaporizers

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