Yes we do, but you need to make sure you have the "Enable Conversion Tracking" box checked on your campaign settings.

If you only want the conversion to fire once per user, you will need to tick the "unique conversions only" box. This is recommended when tracking sales or leads.

It is also recommended that you put the correct conversion value, as our system will not be able to optimize converting sources unless it is receiving accurate data.

Pixel: To track conversions with our pixel, simply grab the pixel code from your campaign settings and place it where the conversion occurs.

Postback (Advanced): To track conversions via postback, you need to pass 2 variables from our system through to your URL. You can do this with the following macros: {ip_address} and {click_id}

When a conversion happens, you need to call{click_id}/{ip_address}/

You will need to replace the {click_id} and {ip_address} with the data passed to your landing page when the click occurred.

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