If you campaign has been approved and you're still not receiving traffic after 48 hours, please read below for a list of possible causes.

Pending External Approval

We are a demand-side platform connected to all major native advertising networks. All campaigns that we approve must then be reviewed by each individual supply partner too, this process can take up to 48 hours. If the supply partner rejects your campaign(s), you will not receive traffic. To ensure your campaigns are approved by our supply partners, check that they do not violate any of our advertising policies.


Your campaign may not serve on certain websites due to the campaign category . For example your campaign may be tagged as "IAB7 - Health & Fitness" and CNN may block this category from serving on their website.

Low Bids

If you don't believe your campaign infringes our advertising policy, try increasing your CPM/CPC really high with a low daily budget to see if you start receiving traffic. Once you are receiving traffic, head on over to the Reporting page and check the Traffic Sources tab to see which publishers you won on and for what CPM. You can utilize the bid modification feature to fine tune your bids.

Limited Approval

If you are only receiving traffic from Tier 2 publishers, your campaigns may be approved but limited. Please read our advertising policy thoroughly to ensure your new campaign is approved without issue.

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